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In  the latest episode of Draxtor’s radio show, I was a guest. We discusses social VR and Facebook’s new VR world “Spaces”.

Facebook has done it – with the help of many former Lindens including Jim Purbick aka Babbage Linden to name just one random genius visionary SL resident – Facebook aka the 500 pound gorilla has entered the social vr space.

We discuss the implications and also talk about SL, High Fidelity and more.

Listen to the show here:  https://draxfiles.com/2017/04/22/show-146




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I will play a live show at the all new Factory club in Arbordale. The new building is very cool, so I prepared a unique set of Downtempo tracks. Similiar to the show I did in September I will use synthesizers, drum machines, samplers and a sequencer – and maybe my melodica, too. Show starts at 3 PM SLT. Hoping to see you there! ❤

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I will be using Synths, Samplers, Drumcomputers and Effects Processors. Expect Downbeat / Triphop and some Acid and Dubstep.  I will not publish this performance on my Soundcloud. Only one chance to hear this show. Hope to see you there! ❤

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Thanks everyone for joining me last night!  ❤  I had so much fun.  I wasn’t sure if kids would Jazz as much as the Glitch Hop, DnB and 8bit stuff that I usually play, and you seemed to enjoy it, some of you asked me to do a Jazz show again :3

I played Jazz ballads, Bebop, experimental tracks, some jazzish dope beats and some harmonica stuff that I love.

Here are some pics (some of which I took after the show lol).

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When I was a little boy I listened to the Jazz records of my best friend’s dad. Even though I didnt understand them they were like magic to me. Now that I am 13 and a half years old I want to help spread the love for this weird and wonderful music. Come to my special Jazz set at The Factory today, 1 PM SLT!  ❤ Rai

Rai Fargis Jazz Special

PS: Here is a little teaser for my show:

It’s a beautiful interpretation of “Nature Boy” by Swedish artist Nils Landgren (who also sang on ABBAs hit “Voulez Vous”). I will play “Nature Boy” and many more tunes like that one at The Factory today.


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Today I will play a special set of 8bit tunes and chiptunes mixed with dope beats and funky DnB! While I am playing The Factory will feature art by Mikati Slate!

Mikati Slade is a 3D-Pixel style pop artist from Japan, famous for amazing builds such as the ineractive KURU KURU WORLD (2011-2012) and the “Cake Stage”, the four sims wide centerpiece of this years SL birthday celebration SL13B.
Mikati will redesign The Factory for this special evening.

I will play some new tunes that I made, one of them is an official Mikati Slade Theme that I made for her, and I am playing it for the first time ever. I will premier other tunes and remixes I made as well!

Saturday July 24, 2016 at The Factory, 1-3 PM SLT


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Belle and Asa decorated the club with balloons, some even had the word “Rai” on them, and there was lots of other good stuff like cake. Kent played an awesome set for two and a half hours and my friends came and it made me really happy. ❤ Thanks to everyone who was there for the great party! Here are some pictures:

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