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Mainstream journalists didn’t exactly do a great job in 2007 when it comes to the truth about Second Life. It was the year of lies and made up stories. And why is that? Because gloating stories about ’empty cities’ or sex scandals sell. And newspapers have a product to sell. That product is you and me. Mainstream media sell their audience to the companies who got the advertising money.

So, after a year of lies and ignorance many readers of the gutter press are brainwashed enough to think SL is either Sodom and Gomorrha, or somehow boring and dead. So, a lot of people write stupid comments: “Second Life is so fucking bad, thank god I never went there”. Well, well… peak concurrency last weekend reached 61400, which is a new record and about three times as much as January 2007. There is now twice as much land and three times the registered users. And most important, on an artistic level the most interesting things are happening right now. Most people I meet on the grid are awesome, creative people, early adopters of technology, 3D designers, writers, musicians coders and the like. More and more people will get the idea of synthetic worlds, 3D webspace and the metaverse. Oh, and I think Windlight looks better than ever, and Havok 4 implementation is well in progress. Call me credulous, but 2008 will be a great year.


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