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A few weeks ago I was a “musical guest” on Draxtor Despres’ radio show/podcast “The Drax Files”, episode #105. It basically just means he played a station ID that I made and two of my tunes, heavily edited and chopped down. It was still great being featured on the show, because I love a lot of the things Drax does: his awesome videos, his music and of course the podcast. Episode #105 has some very interesting guests on it: a fascinating talk with Nick Yee, psychologist and researcher  of why gamers and Second Life residents do what they do. You can listen to the show here:  The Drax Files #105



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I’m a lil busy today, but I wanted to let you all know that I’ll deejay again tonight at The Factory, Arbordale. Continuing my comeback show from 2 weeks ago, I will once again spin dirty electro, mixed with some 8bit sounds and wicked basslines! Saturday March 5, 1 PM SLT. Seeyou there! ❤

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