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A young lady asked me why I spend so much time flying spaceships, building virtual popguns or playing drum’n’bass tunes in clubs that “don’t really exist”. Duh. Since I made my first website when HTML was a few months old – I guess it also didn’t “really” exist – I noticed that a lot of people started using teh intarwebs. 

It’s these virtual things that confuse people most, like money, television or a great novel that sucks them into another reality for days, yet always consists of the same 26 letters in ever changing combinations. 

For some people it’s a waste of time to read books. For some people it’s a waste of time to go to the gym. In fact, I consider everything to be a waste of time, but I also think that it lasts forever, we just don’t know where we will end up after we have this time of our life. But since I feel there is a bunch of eternity to exist in, playing on virtual space stations and befriending virtual dragons to me is very similiar to, let’s say, attending a class on 3D design.


Boy with dragon friend:

boy with dragon friend


Boy in virtual classroom:

Boy in virtual classroom


See? There’s not that much difference.


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