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Hi there. A short explanaition whats happening on KIC: we had 4 attacks within 48 hours. someone is setting prims that are shared with the KIC group to “physical”, thus destroying builds. these attacks were increasing in severity, first only 5-10 prims, but the last attack today destroyed 70% of the KIC sim: the Milk N Kookies HQ, the skatepark, the old city and the sewer tunnels, even the transmogrifier.
The griefer was someone inside the KIC group, because he changed the prims that were shared with KIC group to set them to “physical”, thus collapsing builds.
We asked LL for a sim rollback two times, but we also need to set the prims to “unshared” after the next rollback so this cant happen again – LL won’t give us rollbacks forever.

The griefer is obviously out to destroy the KIC project, which was meant as an open platform for building and creating together. We have reason to believe that the attacker is working from Undercity, because the KIC sim was closed down when the 4th attack happened, so he or she is using a large draw distance and setting the prims to physical from within Undercity.
For security reasons all KIC members where ejected. There is a second group with public enrollment, please join it now, it’s called: “KIC – Kids Information Center”.

This is all very sad and disappointing. The griefer already destroyed trust and disrupted events we were planning for Undercity, we were planning exciting changes for KIC, but instead we are now talking to Lindens about reviewing logs, rolling back the sim, investigating, searching for the griefer. Today sacha Magne even closed down the K-Grid to make backup copies… this is a very sad day. One terrorist attack can screw up a country. One griefer can disrupt the fun and creativity of dozens of people 😦
Please keep your eyes open.


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For todays Milk N Kookies radio show I visited a Linden Lab press conference about the upcoming “Adult” flagging for regions in Second Life (in addition to the “PG” and “Mature” regions we have now). Adult regions will be only accessible for users who age verified. I asked the Lindens questions about how the new flagging system might change SL, especially for the kid avatar community, whether this is part of the plan for merging Teen SL and the main grid, what kind of contents will be rated “adult” anyway, and more. The Milk N Kookies show will be live on KIC, the Kids Information Center sim, 12:00 PM Second Life Time.  Podcast will be available later (by the way, the Mik N Kookies show now is also a podcast officially listed on the Second Life website.  realmnk2-2

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