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On December 8th, 2007,  Zak Kowalski rezzed the first prim of dance club Suite 15.  Back then Suite 15 was on a small parcel only, but its creation marks the rezday of what later became a whole city.  Beginning this weekend we are celebrating one year of Undercity, and we are finally ready to launch the Undercity Roleplaying Website.  Yay!  you can take a look at it now, it’s undercitizens.net. The website now features “Dark Genesis”, the beginning of Undercity’s backstory, written by lead author Tobiath Tendaze. The mysteries of Undercity’s eternal darkness, of its strange creatures, and of SAM (the rogue surveillance system controlling the city) – these mysteries are waiting to be solved. Be also sure to take a look at the city map for RP and OOC zones,  to read the article “About Dark Roleplay” and to read the rules of both Undercity and the RP.Once you have decided to join, please submit your character – this will not take more than 15 minutes.

We are looking forward to roleplaying with you.

We are also busy building on Alton Icarus: The “Kids Information Center – KIC” is about halfway finished.

Now, what is KIC all about?
We want a sim that is
– a place for Second Life Mentors with kid avatars to teach new residents
– a sim for art exhibitions, (for everyone to see what we kid avatars are all about).
– we will have a playground with new toys,
– the transmogrifier is back,
– there will be a public sandbox
– and a home for the Milk N Kookies Show, yay!  The MnK studios will be a place to learn, too –  to meet other kids interested in radio production: we will teach everyone who’s interested about how to do interviews,  journalism, or recording stuff and hosting shows.
– The Kulture Kids will have their temple on the KIC sim.
– There will be a place to learn about music in SL and deejaying.
KIC is a community project, built with the help of
many kids from all kinds of groups. We are halfway through with building the place, and now calling out for those who are interested in exhibiting stuff there, people we might never have heard from during Kids5B even .
If you are an artist, musician, an SL Mentor with a kid avatar, someone who likes to teach or an aspiring SL kids journalist…. whatever, now is the time to contact either me, sven Homewood or sacha Magne.
By the way,  Sacha is the one paying the sim tier of Alton Icarus ever since Kids5B. Because we dont want to go commercial, there will be no rentals on the KIC sim. If you want to help sacha with the sim tier for Alton, feel free to donate.


I recently was threatened by a fellow kid avatar. He claims he saw a “sex bed” on my sim, while in fact the bed has two cuddle poses in it, nothing else. He also said he would visit my sim with lots of different alts and send abuse reports about me and my friends, until “the sim goes poof”.

So, after being threatened like that I warned several sim owners   – and most of them basically told me the same story about that kid: that they were threatened in the same way, and one incident with the same person lies even 2 years in the past.

Yesterday, another interesting thing happened:  one of these Second Life Police Force guys offered me to help.  He says his police department is the largest in Second Life, and they serve and protect people from griefers and people who violate the TOS.  I told this guy that he can help me if he is willing to use a child avatar. But he said: that’s not possible.  So, cop roleplayers apparently think it’s perfectly normal to roleplay a big, strong adult police man, but roleplaying the same thing as a kid – on a kid avatar sim – is out of the question. I don’t understand it, do you? Anyway, we stayed on friendly terms, and since we allow adult avatars on our sim, (we just don’t involve them into roleplay), I invited him to stick around as a civilian. But for security and intel, I will rely on the power of the kid avatar community.


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