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Yay, Christmas time. So what does it mean to you? Here are some thoughts of mine:
I was born into a Christian family but started reading about Buddhism (mostly Zen) a lot. I left the catholic church some years ago. But I think Jesus was pretty cool. He rebelled against the oppression of the Roman empire and the ignorant vanity of temples and priests. He talked about awareness, love and forgiving. So to me he is a master, similar to Buddha. Jesus never talked about cutting down trees and putting them into apartments though. I never do that, I think it’s kinda silly. Trees belong into the forest. He did talk about giving, helping the poor… so I guess that’s where the gift giving comes from. Also, almost every human culture on the planet had or has one celebration per year where presents are part of the ritual. I love giving presents. So, hooray for presents. Remember to feed the poor though. And try to do that all year.
Jesus also never talked about celebrating his birthday. I guess it’s okay to do that though. Happy birthday, dude.
What does Christmas mean for Undercity? Nothing. And everything. You see, Undercity is a project made possible by a lot of people. Builders, vendors, tenants, DJs, artists, roleplayers, everyone who donated money to the sim in the past 4 years. It’s about sharing, learning from each other, helping each other… SL and Undercity is family to many of us, it sure is for me. Thank you for the love and the fun I experience here. Happy holidays! xoxoxo
Rai ❤


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In December 2007, the first prims of Suite 15 club were rezzed. So this months marks the 4th birthday of Undercity. Big celebrations next weekend will include a special edition of the Milk N Kookies Radio Show live in Undercity, several DJs and special events.
We had a little warmup party already last weekend with DJ Enthropy and myself (see pictures). See you next weekend!

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Snow and ice

Winter has arrived in Undercity. It’s snowing. The river is frozen. I am giving away free ice skates. Let’s hope no one breaks into the ice again like last year.

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