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Back in action…

We started building next to Undercity these days. The sim’s name will be KIC, which stands for “Kids Information Center”. In German, KIC can also be pronounced as “Kids” 😉

Here’s a picture of … well, an empty sim with a 3D map, and sven, sacha + me prepraring to terraform and rez the first objects ^^

Building doesnt really look like that, but don’t you love those wireframe pictures

Between inviting other builders to the group and rezzing prims, we found some time to visit Loki’s Hay Barn at Burning Life festival. Here’s a picture of the burning of the wickerkid (aww):

There always has to be some time to huggle a puppy. Or a blue wolf.

I will do an interview with Tom Boellstorff, author of the book “Coming of Age in Second Life” on Saturday – be sure to tune in for the “Milk and Kookies Show” on Oct 11th, 12:00 PM Second Life Time.


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