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I thought I’d post a few pictures of us having fun on the rooftops in Undercity. KC’s and my friend Bart, who is a mousie, sent us a message that he is trying to jump roofs with his bike. So we joined him. Bart failed a couple of times and fell to the ground – from a 5 storey building! But mousies are tough and he tried again and again. After a while I decided to help him and showed him how not to jump right. I think that helped him to avoid all the mistakes. And then it really happened: Bart was flying through the air and landed safely on the other roof, well he hit a wall there and got bruised pretty badly but it was okay. He is now planning to turn this into a show, we’re not sure who will be his manager though, maybe Molee. And I will keep showing him how to fail, so he can avoid that. Bart also smells good, did I mention that? I like mousies.

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