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So, the Kids Information Centre is around for some time now.  Building and organising it with such an awesome group of kid avatars was great fun. kic-island_001The opening celebration was a whole weekend of party, live concerts and a tour all over the sim with the Kulture Kids.  Some were surprised about the hidden stuff on te sim (for example sewers and underground tunnels…). Sven and I were showing around people in the old city, downtown, at exhibitions, the new Milk N Kookies Radio HQ and lots more.


Some kids started to use the sandbox for building already, I’m quite happy about that. It’s much more fun to build in a sandbox compared to some boring sky platform. Some just hang out on the sim to have fun, and I saw several adults transmogrify into child avatars, yay! SL mentors and KIC teachers are teaching newbies. I think we had a pretty good start with KIC.

Here are some more pictures of the opening celebrations.

Party on the playground:


Live concerts in the KIC Arena. This is also a place where some of the workshops and classes will be held:


Unfortunately, the dragons already found the place, too.


Today I will start part 1 of my audio production/radio classes. I will talk about good audio software, microphones, things like voice changers and my experiences as a music producer and radio guy in the last couple of years. There will be lots of time to ask questions, it’s an intro and not the hardcore audio class yet. ^^

There is lots of space available for cool exhibitions and groups, if you want to exhibit, have fun and help other people, just contact a KIC mentor.  Oh, and feel free to drop some L$ into the tip jars hidden on the sim 🙂


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