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Undercity is dark, our kids are lost and confused, their language is harsh… Nothing like a bunch of pink furballs to lighten things up ^_^

Should we invent a new character class for them?  Stats something like Intelligence 55,  Strengtgh 80, Cuddle 99




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nom nom

nom nom

Character registration for the upcoming Undercity RP storyline is running for a few weeks now, and more than 100 kids have submitted their stories and character descriptions. Needless to say that’s totally awesome!

Official start of RP will be in one week, on Jan 31. No combat system for now, we want to roleplay first and see where the story will take us – at a later time we will include a combat syste, too – probably CCS (the Community Combat System, and open source thingy), but we are looking at other options, too.

If you have not already done so, check out the Undercitizens website for stories and submitting your character. Cheers, Rai  ^_^

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