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It’s here:  https://soundcloud.com/rai-fargis

I kinda like Soundcloud, because it’s a great way to discover new genres and styles. Did you know there is a genre called “Chiptune Reggae”?  Reggae is one of the most “analogue” sounding styles with all its delays etc., so to make an old computer chip sound like that you need to be some kind of hacker.

At the same time Soundcloud sucks a little, because basically it’s them making money with music that artists give them for free. However, every musician primarily wants his or her music to be heard. So we put it on Soundcloud and have fun. I also like the way Soundcloud looks and how well the user interface works.

So I decided to register a Rai account and uploaded all my stuff – old tunes such as “Kids With Beats” and new tracks I made. The newest one is called “Ban me please”. There is also a new version of “Virtual Boy” (with harder drums, but still 8bit-ish) and a silly techno track called “Dong!” There is a story behind that one, feel free to ask me about it. Both “Dong” and “Ban me please” are my way to have a bit of fun in spite of the drama we sometimes experience in SL.

Here’s a direct link to “Ban me please”:




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Hi there,

I didn’t write a single blog entry here for years – and I did not play a DJ set in SL since I ended the original Undercity sim in 2012.  Even though I had never really left SL, between winter 2012 and 2014 I felt a little bit tired of it. I kept writing about Second Life though as a RL journalist and logged in maybe 4 or 5 times a month, so I wasn’t really gone. I just kinda preferred to explore hundreds of Virtual Reality demos on my Oculus Rift headsets (I had supported the Kickstarter for Oculus and own both dev kits). With the Oculus Rift I played a lot of “Minecraft” and “Elite:Dangerous”. I produced some new music, too… so I was busy and had fun. That little “break” from SL was good. For the past six months I have been using SL on a daily basis again and enjoyed it a lot.

Now I feel it’s time for me to deejay in SL again. From 2007-2012 I had played at clubs such as Suite 15, Vortex and Primbeach. Okay, so what’s the plan now?  On Saturday Feb 19, 2016, I will return to the virtual turntables at The Factory in Arbordale, from 3 – 5 PM SLT. That time slot is probably better for friends from the Americas, so I will do another set for the Euro crowd on Sunday 11 AM – 1 PM at The Depot in Undercity. I will play Fidget and Complextro mostly – that means four-to-the-floor beats with wicked basslines, so better get some proper subwoofers! 😀  Oh, and I’ll also throw in a few 8-bit-tunes.

Asa Meep made this cool poster for the event in Arbordale: poster





Another cool poster, for the show in Undercity, made by Molee:moleeposterLooking forward to party with you! ❤


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