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Some time in my life Christmas did not feel magic anymore. Maybe you know the feeling. However, this year for me there was some magic to be found again – on the grid. Snowmen, xmas trees, the chatting at fireplaces, hugs, lots of greeting cards – and, yes, the presents, too. Like, I got a puppy from an awesome person I had only met the other day. Shar also operates the Old Skool, an amazing school themed club/disco with a halfpipe on the roof. I will deejay there some time soon. Thank you, Shar!

What more could I wish from a virtual world than to help me rediscover something I had believed “lost” in the “real” world? (Okay, a stable asset server maybe.) Anyways, this year I saw RL Christmas with different eyes thanks to SL – one more reason to love this synthetic world. Merry Christmas to you all!


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A friend recently asked: “Have you been bored lately?” I couldn’t remember. Neither could he. Yes, there is the kind of boredom I feel when I play a crappy videogame or read a stupid novel – but in such a case I will just put away what bores me quickly. There is also the kind of boredom I feel waiting for a download to finish or the teleport working again. That’s ‘small boredom’. There is also ‘large boredom’, which I sometimes felt when I was very little. But it has not shown its ugly face for a long time. Some years ago I discovered my ability to create, which I think is: (1) to discover new ways of doing things (2) to feel good about playing with these new ways (3) to judge whether the result is cool or sucks (4) to show off the things you have achieved 🙂

Now, I know that (1) and (2) are pretty strong for me, while (3) and (4) don’t work so well all the time. I love discovering and playing, but I am not that great a judge of my own efforts, and I only push myself when I feel I have to. Playing so much also means that I never write ‘to-do lists’. Things are either in my head and guts, or they don’t get done. If I had to write a to-do list now, it would say things like: Prepare DJ show. Complete studio build on Rag Isles. Write scripts for studio equipment there. Build shop on Orange Bisbee sim. Publish music on SLtunes. Register myspace site. Start a blog. Hey, I just did that!

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