Glitch Hop and Fidget. The Factory, Arbordale, 1-3 PM SLT.
Put on your dancing shoes! ‚̧





I thought I’d post a few pictures of us having fun on the rooftops in Undercity. KC’s and my friend Bart, who is a mousie, sent us a message that he is trying to jump roofs with his bike. So we joined him. Bart failed a couple of times and fell to the ground – from a 5 storey building! But mousies are tough and he tried again and again. After a while I decided to help him and showed him how not to jump right. I think that helped him to avoid all the mistakes. And then it really happened:¬†Bart was flying through the air and landed safely on the other roof, well he hit a wall there and got bruised pretty badly but it was okay. He is now planning to turn this into a show, we’re not sure who will be his manager though, maybe Molee. And I will keep showing him how to fail, so he can avoid that. Bart also smells good, did I mention that? I like mousies.

That question was asked on youtube. A teenager replied to it. His answer was so awesome that an independent film maker produced a short movie about it. It’s only 1:45 minutes long but it’s beautiful and might bring you to tears.

Player Two from John Wikstrøm on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago I was a “musical guest” on Draxtor Despres’ radio show/podcast “The Drax Files”, episode #105. It basically just means he played a station ID that I made and two of my tunes, heavily edited and chopped down. It was still great being featured on the show, because I love a lot of the things Drax does: his awesome videos, his music and of course the podcast. Episode #105 has some very interesting guests on it: a¬†fascinating talk with Nick Yee, psychologist and researcher ¬†of why gamers and Second Life residents do what they do. You can listen to the show here: ¬†The Drax Files #105


I’m a lil busy today, but I wanted to let you all know that I’ll deejay again tonight at The Factory, Arbordale. Continuing my comeback show from 2 weeks ago, I will once again spin dirty electro, mixed with some 8bit sounds and wicked basslines! Saturday March 5, 1 PM SLT. Seeyou there! ‚̧

It’s here: ¬†https://soundcloud.com/rai-fargis

I kinda like Soundcloud, because it’s a great way to discover new genres and styles. Did you know there is a genre called “Chiptune Reggae”? ¬†Reggae is one of the most “analogue” sounding styles with all its delays etc., so to make an old computer chip sound like that you need to be some kind of hacker.

At the same time Soundcloud sucks a little, because basically it’s them making money with music that artists give them for free. However, every musician primarily wants his or her music to be heard. So we put it on Soundcloud and have fun. I also like the way Soundcloud looks and how well the user interface works.

So I decided to register a Rai account and uploaded all my stuff – old tunes such as “Kids With Beats” and new tracks I made. The newest one is called “Ban me please”. There is also a new version of “Virtual Boy” (with harder drums, but still 8bit-ish) and a silly techno track called “Dong!” There is a story behind that one, feel free to ask me about it. Both “Dong” and “Ban me please” are¬†my way to have a bit of fun in spite of the drama we sometimes experience in SL.

Here’s a direct link to “Ban me please”: